How to Choose a Business Name in 5 Minutes: A Step-by-Step Guidance

Choosing a business name is the hardest part of starting a business? Follow this helpful step-by-step guidance and chose a business name in 5 minutes!

Whether you are starting an offline or an online business, launching a new product, a new product line or a blog, choosing a name is without a doubt the hardest part of starting a business. Writing down name ideas, brainstorming names, asking your friends and family for a little help, the whole process is just exhausting, especially because all the good names are already taken. Don’t worry, as we have a solution for you. We can give you the formula for success or in this case, finding the perfect name for your business.

Instead of losing time or wasting energy on names that don’t really worth, here is a simple approach or a step-by-step guidance on how to choose a business name in just a few minutes. By following these steps, you will be able to find a great name you can use for your online or offline business:

    • Start with related words – Finding the ideal business name starts by harvesting your common or natural materials or the words that are already familiar with and are in any way related to your business, the product or service you are offering. The process usually starts with a thesaurus or one of the most helpful tools online. Type in all the words you can think of and see the results that will come out of that. There are some other great tools you can use such as, wordflex, urban dictionary, and etc. This will help you identify new similar words you can use to name your business. Playing with words can be really helpful and you will discover words that you didn’t know they exist in the first place.
    • Play with words – Once you’ve got a list of potential words you can use for naming your business, it is time to start pushing those words ahead and start naming possible business names. From our point of view, puns are a really good place to begin. Used socially they can provoke eyerolls and groans and usually they work great as names. There is this great tool you can use called and serves you a few puns for every search term or word you enter. You will come up with modern and fancy words that can look amazing as your new business name. You will be able to discover some of the catchiest names possible and come up with some really creative ideas.


    • Hedge your bets with powerful search words – If you want to add some science to your business naming journey, why not try to find a name that people are looking for. You can use Google’s Keyword Search Tool and you can see which words, names or keywords are already popular. Another great tool you can use is All you need to do when using this tool is enter one of your original words and this tool will help you discover all related and popular search words.
  • Make sure to check if the name you want isn’t already taken – You will lose a lot of time if you brainstorm, come up with a great name, just to find out that the name you want is already taken. Save yourself some time and use By using this tool, you will type the name you want to use and discover whether or not the name is available for use.
  • Test, test, test – Before you decide to buy and use the name, consult with your family and friends and ensure the name is good enough for you and your business.

That’s it! This is how you choose a business name in just a few minutes!